PKM – Becoming a secretary for our knowledge.

Hello fellow Bloggers and educators,

Does the sheer volume of information coming into your life overwhelm you?  When you add up all of the data being inputted on a daily basis from emails, forums, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter as well as research and directed learning tasks it is not surprising most of us feel a little overwhelmed.  The question is then, how can we better manage this information so it is useful to us and others?  One suggestion is by using Personal Knowledge Management (PKM).  PKM, as introduced by Harold Jarche, encourages us to ‘Seek, sense and share’ this information.  Jarche explains that seeking requires us to gather relevant information from a variety of sources and store it for later retrieval by using online aggregators and social bookmarking tools.  When sensing this information we are encouraged to critically analize it and document our thoughts and understandings.  Finally Jarche explains the need to share information using it in conversations with others allowing for the development of collaborative learning practices.  It’s all about being an active and engaged learner and then sharing/networking this knowledge allowing for further growth and learning for yourself and others.  By applying the principles of PKM we can save time by working and managing our information in smarter ways rather than working harder!  What do you think?  Has using an aggregate/social bookmarking changed how you manage information?  Is Blogging, Tweeting, Facebook making a difference to how you collaborate with others to form new understandings?  I am still new to these forms of communication and knowledge management but am finding that they are already allowing me the opportunity to gain information from others and incorporate it into my own understandings and philosophies.  Let me know what you think.