Scootle – Why haven’t we heard of this until now?

Hello fellow Bloggers and educators,

By now most of you are familiar with Scootle and there have been a number of great posts on what it is and how to use it by Hui Pin Lee, Bec, Vicky, gdamore and Tiong Chai Hung.  For those of you who may not be familiar with it yet it is basically a resource for resources that are explicitly linked to the Australian Curriculum.  What a fabulous tool.  The interesting thing is that after already completing two years at USQ this is the first time many of us have heard about it and I have to wonder why?  Is it because they want to link it explicitly with the course EDC3100 or is it because we are being encouraged to find our own resources first then investigate this?  Either way I must say it could have saved me many hours of time searching for ICT resources that link well with what I have planned for lessons.  Thinking of it another way though, looking for your own resources does encourage you to look for new and more relevant/interesting ways of presenting lessons rather than solely relying on what someone else suggests… maybe that is why we haven’t heard of it until now…


3 thoughts on “Scootle – Why haven’t we heard of this until now?

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    • Hi Brooke,

      First I love the ‘chalkboard’ look of your Blog! Now onto more serious stuff. What you have said here extends on my post very well and highlights the benefits of collaborative learning. After reading your post it challenged me to think more about Scootle and ‘re-inventing the wheel’. What I came up with is that what really matters is the context or student needs. Once you have and understanding of the context you can apply what you know about the relevant content and pedagogical practices but how to also effectively integrate ICTs? Scootle is a great tool when trying to find a resource that compliments both Pedagogy and content but sometimes it’s contents may not be enough to reach the students in your context. This would be a great opportunity to apply/use other ICTs you have sourced not found in Scootle. Hence it is not really about re-inventing the wheel but rather about finding the right wheel.


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